About Ghazoo

GhaZoo was founded out of our own experience and frustrations that come with buying nappies. The steep costs and all the hassle that you’re stuck with for years. Being fed up with always having to be on the lookout for offers on quality nappies because you know you would be paying too much at regular price. Having to buy nappies while none are on offer.


ghazoo luier pakket geleverd

The hassle of lugging big value packs around. Running out of nappies because you thought you still had some in the cupboard.

We thought there had to be an easier way. The right size nappies delivered to your door automatically at the same fixed, fair price. Good quality, transparent service and totally tailored to your personal situation.


Our Mission

We won’t go as far as to change your baby’s nappy, but we’ll do everything we possibly can to make things as easy as possible for you. After all, we know what you’d rather spend time doing.


Are you ready for your GhaZoo service?

Set up your own GhaZoo nappy plan and never run out of nappies again.

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