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With the GhaZoo baby wipes box you immediately have a large stock of baby wipes at home. The discount box consists of 16 packs with 60 baby wipes in each pack. You have the option to subscribe to our baby wipes, which saves you € 4 per box and this subscription can be cancelled freely!

32,99 available on subscription from 28,99 / month

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Benefits of the nappy subscription service

Start your personal nappy plan

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we will help you to determine a service that fits your personal needs. With your personal nappy subscription plan, your nappies are regularly on stock during the development of your child, you don’t have to worry about nappies again.
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Determine the size by your baby’s details and the fit of the nappy.
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Recommending size changes, based on your baby’s growth.
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Deciding the required frequency of deliveries based on your personal situation.
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Agree which day of the week you wish to receive your order.

At GhaZoo we want to make buying nappies as easy and affordable as possible. Buying nappies in larger quantities is a good way to keep nappy costs down and we do that with the help of our nappy bundles. This certainly applies to buying baby wipes. Of course we also offer our moist baby wipes in a great discount packaging.

Each discount box consists of 16 packs with 60 wipes in each pack, so you get a total of 960 wipes. That is on average enough wipes to bridge 10 weeks. However, there are major differences in the number of wipes that parents use for their child(ren) and therefore how many weeks it takes a box.

For that reason, moist baby wipes are not standard with your nappy service/nappy subscription. You can of course add them to your order. You will always receive a pre-announcement when your next nappy package will be delivered to you, so that you still have time to add baby wipes. Of course you can always buy a box of baby wipes separately from your nappies.

Would you like to try our wipes first? Order a sample pack, our sample pack contains a pack of nappies and a pack of baby wipes that you can use for a week.

Composition of baby wipes

Baby skin is of course the most sensitive, so you also want baby wipes that are suitable for frequent use. That is why our baby wipes consist of 99% water and are free from all kinds of substances such as perfume, alcohol, preservatives, allergens or parabens.

Our baby wipes contain 0% plastic, are pH neutral, extensively dermatologically tested and approved. As a result, our baby wipes also have numerous certificates and meet the highest standards.

With this we go one step further than the well-known baby wipes that are provided with terms such as Sensitive or Natural. Many of these wipes still contain substances that you should avoid, such as (strong) allergens, according to the consumer association test from November 2020. These ingredients cause many baby skins to become irritated.

The composition of our wet baby wipes does not irritate baby’s sensitive skin and helps prevent nappy rash and other skin conditions. Furthermore, they moisturize the skin and do not dry out the skin. They are therefore certainly suitable for the sensitive skin of newborns.


Our baby wipes are produced in the Netherlands and in the most sustainable way possible to minimize the impact on the environment. That is why our baby wipes are made from the raw material Lyocell, which is an ecological fiber made from cellulose. This fabric is mainly made from wood pulp. No bleach is used in the production of Lyocell fabric, almost all water is recycled and the fabric is biodegradable. This makes the wipes much more durable than other wet wipes made of viscose. The wood pulp in our baby wipes also comes from managed tree nurseries and of course has the FSC certificate.

Enjoy the benefits of GhaZoo

Are you tired of looking for those best nappy deals every time? Want to rejoin those long lines and have to cross the street with all those annoying and especially advantageous packaging? Then take advantage of the benefits of the GhaZoo nappy service! We ensure that you will never run out of quality nappies and/or baby wipes again and always pay a fair price!

GhaZoo nappies

GhaZoo relies on 30 years of experience in the market, which means we know which needs a quality nappy must meet. We use advanced absorption techniques and the softest materials so that your baby feels comfortable and you don’t have to worry.

GhaZoo nappies are of excellent quality and we don’t just say that. Research shows that our nappies meet the highest standards and all materials used are dermatologically approved. The nappies are also free of parabens, perfume, chlorine, bleach, etc.

The quality is continuously tested and is aimed at control and registration of raw materials, detection of harmful substances and dermatological & microbiological screenings.

Weight 6500 g
Dimensions 395 × 195 × 215 mm

water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, potassium sorbate, glycerin

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16 x 60 pieces

36 reviews for Baby wipes 16×60 pieces

  1. Dutch

    Madelon (verified owner)

    Erg fijne doekjes

  2. Dutch

    Joy (verified owner)

    Prima kwaliteit

  3. Dutch

    Pauline (verified owner)

    Fijne doekjes

  4. Dutch

    Paula (verified owner)

    Super handig

  5. Dutch

    Saskia (verified owner)


  6. Dutch

    Anne (verified owner)

    De sluiting van de verpakking vind ik minder fijn maar de doekjes zijn wel goed

  7. Dutch

    Inge (verified owner)

    Goede doekjes en snel geleverd

  8. Dutch

    Eva (verified owner)

    Prima doekjes

  9. Dutch

    Vivian (verified owner)

    Deze doekjes voelen erg stevig aan en zijn fijn in gebruik. Heb inmiddels een abonnement 🙂

  10. Dutch

    Claudia (verified owner)

    Erg tevreden over deze doekjes. Ze zijn geurloos, stevig en van goede kwaliteit.

  11. Dutch

    Anne (verified owner)

    De doekjes zijn wat steviger dan die van pampers, een stuk steviger en veel prettiger in gebruik.

  12. Dutch


    Prima doekjes!

  13. Dutch

    Yvon (verified owner)

    Gewonnen met een actie op facebook en nu vaste klant 🙂 Erg fijne doekjes!

  14. Dutch


    Mijn dochtertje heeft een hele gevoelige huid maar bij deze doekjes krijgt ze geen uitslag. Helemaal super!

  15. Dutch

    Lotte (verified owner)

    YES eindelijk ook doekjes met een abonnement!

  16. Dutch

    Linde (verified owner)

    Top producten

  17. Dutch

    Meike (verified owner)

    Na even wennen aan de “geurloze” doekjes wil ik nu geen andere meer. Top kwaliteit product

  18. Dutch

    Lot (verified owner)

    Moest even wennen omdat ze geurloos zijn maar ze zijn verder wel echt top

  19. Dutch

    Charlotte (verified owner)

    Voelen veel steviger aan dan die van andere merken

  20. Dutch

    Marieke (verified owner)

    Fijne doekjes

  21. Dutch

    Mariska (verified owner)

    Doekjes zijn erg fijn maar de opening van de verpakking vind ik minder handig

  22. Dutch

    Pauline (verified owner)

    Erg fijne doekjes welke geschikt zijn voor zowel het gezicht als de billen!

  23. Dutch

    Emma (verified owner)

    Fijne billendoekjes

  24. Dutch

    Madeleine (verified owner)

    Beste luierdoekjes die ik ooit heb gehad. Zijn wat dikker dan de doekjes van Pampers en dus veel fijner.

  25. Dutch

    Stefanie (verified owner)

    Erg fijne en stevige doekjes

  26. Dutch

    Pieter (verified owner)

    Top product! Beter dan de concurrenten

  27. Dutch

    Pleun (verified owner)

    4 dagen over de levering is niet van deze tijd

  28. Dutch

    Peter (verified owner)

    Goed product

  29. Dutch

    Susanne (verified owner)

    Fijne doekjes alleen wel grote verpakkingen..

  30. Dutch

    Iris (verified owner)

    Fijne doekjes

  31. Dutch

    Josanne (verified owner)

    Top doekjes alleen verpakking gaat soms lastig open

  32. Dutch

    Nicky (verified owner)

    Absoluut de topper op het gebied van babydoekjes

  33. Dutch

    Bart (verified owner)

    Geniaal! Hoezo kon ik me nog nergens abonneren op doekjes?

  34. Dutch

    Victoria (verified owner)

    Top doekjes, voor mij geen andere meer!

  35. Dutch

    Sarella (verified owner)

    Super fijn

  36. Dutch

    Romy (verified owner)

    Fijne doekjes alleen jammer dat ik alleen prijsvoordeel kan behalen als abonnee

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