Baby wipes not just a by-product

With the birth of a baby, everyone is always talking about the nappies, the amount you use, the costs and of course the hassle of changing. Much less often it is about the baby wipes, while these wet wipes are also an essential part of changing your baby.

You use baby wipes, perhaps a little less noticeable, but also quickly in large quantities and all those baby wipes come into contact with the sensitive skin of your baby. It is therefore just as important to use quality baby wipes when changing. In addition, you often use baby wipes not only when changing but also at all kinds of other times when the hands or face are easily and quickly wiped clean. So it is also important for the hands and especially for the face that the wipes are suitable for sensitive baby skin.

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Baby wipes, buttocks wipes or wet wipes?

Before we dive into the properties of wipes, it is good to first be clear about which wipes we are talking about; baby wipes, buttocks wipes or wet wipes. Are they different names for the same product, or are there differences between them? In general, these names are used interchangeably, including by us. Although the names are used interchangeably, there are a lot of wet wipes that are not suitable for the skin and certainly not for children.

In addition, there are also major differences between wet wipes that are suitable for children. For example, some are specific to the face, others just for changing the butt and still others are suitable for both. Despite the fact that in practice the use is also mixed, it is better to be careful with this. The differences between these mainly depend on the ingredients used in the wipes and not all ingredients are always suitable for every type of skin.

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Important features of baby wipes

The main differences in the properties of baby wipes have to do with whether or not it contains perfume, whether or not alcohol is used, whether or not pH-neutral, whether or not allergens and parabens. It goes without saying that wipes that do contain one or more of these properties give a greater chance of skin irritation, especially with frequent use.

Our wet wipes are produced in the Netherlands, consist of 99% purified water, are pH neutral and are free of all kinds of substances such as perfume, alcohol, allergens or parabens. In addition, they contain 0% plastic and are extensively dermatologically tested and approved.

This means that our wet wipes meet the highest standards and we go one step further than the well-known wipes that are provided with terms such as Sensitive or Natural. Many of these wipes still contain substances that you should avoid, according to the consumer association test in November 2020.

The composition of our wet wipes therefore does not irritate the sensitive baby skin and helps prevent diaper rash and other skin conditions. They are therefore also very suitable for the sensitive skin of new-borns.

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Baby wipes also available with subscription

Due to the many customer requests, we have recently started offering wet wipes in subscription form. Since most parents do much longer with a box of wet wipes than with a bundle of nappies, you can take out a separate subscription for the baby wipes. For the wipes you can choose from a frequency of 1,2 and 3 months. Most people with one child can last between 2 and 3 months with a box of wipes. If you have two small children in nappies or maybe even twins, it may be wise to set the delivery frequency to 1 month. Then you won’t run out. It goes without saying that for the wipes, just like for the nappies, you can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time in your online account. So you are not tied to anything here either. So nice!

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