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Every new parent is always on the lookout for cheap nappies. Not the cheapest nappies, because you do want quality. In practice, this means that you tend to look for offers on your favourite top brands. After all, you’re not looking for the cheapest nappies, but the best nappies, for the best price.

That is precisely one of the reasons why GhaZoo was founded. It’s tedious to be looking for quality nappies on offer all the time because you know you’re paying too much when you pay the regular price. Never mind having to buy them at regular price because there are no offers.

When you choose the best nappies, you should’t always have to pay top price, and you should’t always have to be scouting for the cheapest nappies. That is why the nappy market is unreliable. Getting discounts on nappies is less transparent than when it comes to kitchens or cars, where there are plenty of temporary offers and high discounts.

How much do the cheapest nappies cost?

But how much do the cheapest nappies cost? Or how much do you actually pay for a top brand on offer and when is an offer really worth it? Many people, even though they spend a lot of time scouting for the best offers, still don’t know how much nappies cost per piece.

If you were to compare prices, you would discover some significant differences. Research shows that an average nappy costs about 30 cents per piece. The cheapest nappies cost around €0,13. But there are nappies with a price of €0,40 or more. No less than 3x as much!

This huge bandwidth in price is due to the number of manufacturers, but also due to the different sizes. Smaller sizes are smaller, after all, which means they’re cheaper than larger sizes. In addition, different prices are used for different packaging with different prices per piece. This is where it gets a little blurry.

The rule of thumb tends to be that the more nappies in a pack, the cheaper the price per nappy. And then there are the nappy offers. By combining all sorts of nappy offers with different sizes and different packs, it is almost impossible to know what are the cheapest nappies at any given moment and if an offer is actually a good offer.

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Nappy offers

Many nappy offers entail an ‘up to 50% discount’. This suggests that you’re getting a massive saving, only to find out that the discount only applies to size 1 nappies, which you never really need. The discount rates on the most used nappy sizes 4, 5, and 6 are usually no more than 10% or 20% and are not as generous.

Another nappy offer is the ‘buy one get one free’ offer. This type of offer usually applies to smaller packs. Although it may sound very appealing, the effective price per nappy is not necessarily a lot cheaper than the price per nappy in a monthly bundle.

GhaZoo Nappy Service

At Ghazoo, you never have to look for nappy offers again but you will receive your nappies for a fixed and great price. It’s easy for us to do this because you order directly from us, and there is no supermarket in between that needs to make money from it. You will not find our nappies in any shops but exclusively online. And of course, we will deliver them to your home for free. You will be assured that you’re not paying to much and you stop scouting for the cheapest nappies.

Automatic fixed customer saving

In addition to a competitive price, GhaZoo believes that loyal customers should also be rewarded. When you choose our nappy service, you automatically receive an advantage of 5 euro per nappy bundle. You will also receive this benefit on all your subsequent deliveries. The longer your customer stays with us, the more benefits you enjoy. And the great thing is, you don’t even have to request it or even think about it yourself. Of course you can always easily cancel your nappy service at any time in your online account.

Check our advantages here.

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