Discount on nappies

Everyone likes a good discount, so why not look for the best deal on nappies? This may seem obvious because why would you pay too much? But do you enjoy scouting for the best deals on nappies? If you think about it, it’s a waste of your precious. Wouldn’t you rather spend it with your little one? And if there’s no offer on nappies when you need them, you feel like you’ve been had.  

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There is a lot of advertising for discounts on nappies. You will find these advertisements in door-to-door leaflets, on television, or you get them by email. The wonderful thing about nappy deals is that you can benefit from great discounts. The downside is that you need to continually keep an eye on these discounts to prevent having to pay too much. These offers are usually temporary and have expired by the time you need new nappies or they’re not on offer until next week while you need them now. Or, as is often the case, the discount on nappies only applies to the smaller nappy sizes that your baby has outgrown.  

Enjoyable or not enjoyable?

Some people enjoy searching for the best deals and take on the challenge of scouting for the best price. Many other people don’t have the time to do this. Most young families have two working parents, which means there isn’t a lot of time to pop into that particular shop for that temporary nappy deal. And how frustrating it is to find the supermarket shelf empty and you don’t have time to go to the shop tomorrow. The right offer or discount on nappies remains a challenge!  

Never pay too much with a GhaZoo nappy subscription

We thought this could be done better and easier. With our nappy service, the right size nappies will be delivered to you at the right moment for a great price. We can do this because you order directly from us online and there is no supermarket in between that needs to make a profit. You will not find our nappies in the shops but exclusively online. And of course, we will deliver the nappies to your door free of charge. You will be sure you won’t be paying too much and you can stop searching for deals.  

Customer Loyalty

In addition to good quality, we believe that we should reward loyal customers. That is why we give customers who subscribe to our nappy service a discount of € 5 per nappy bundle.

We also do the same with our baby wipes. A box with 16 packs containing 60 wipes each costs € 32.99 separately, in combination with a subscription you only pay € 28.99. In this way we reward loyalty by giving our regular customers a nice discount per package.

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Would you like to try GhaZoo nappies?

Start your nappy subscription with a sample pack and you will receive plenty of nappies to try out for an entire week and a free pack of wet wipes. Are you satisfied? Super! You can order a single nappy bundle or you can sign up and enjoy the comfort of our nappy service. You can order our nappy subscription just as easily via our website. The delivery frequency can be set to your requirements, so you will receive a nappy bundle every 3,4,5, or 6 weeks. With our nappy subscription, you will never have to scout for nappy deals again!  

Our nappy subscription is obligation-free

You will not be bound to anything. If you want to cancel your GhaZoo nappy service for any reason, you can pause or cancel at any time with a few mouse clicks. You are not obligated to anything. So no notice period, hidden costs, or other hidden conditions.  

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