How much do nappies cost?

Having a baby is a big change, also financially. But how much do nappies cost? The cost of nappies is initially not the greatest expense before your baby arrives, like furniture for the nursery and a pram. Still, the cost of nappies does add up. Before your baby is toilet trained, you will have spent more on nappies than on the entire nursery.  

How long do you use nappies?

Nowadays, it takes about three years before children are toilet trained. Some children are toilet trained a little earlier, at two and a half, and some a little later, at three and a half. Most children no longer wear nappies during the day at the age of 4, when they start school. Once they are fully toilet trained during the day, it does usually take a while before they are dry at night too. As you will be using nappies for years, they are a significant expense. But how much do nappies cost exactly?  

How much do nappies cost 2

How much do nappies cost and how many do I need?

To be able to answer the question “How much do nappies cost?”, we must first know how many you need on average. On average, a baby has their nappy changed 6 times a day. Over a period of 3 years up to toilet training, that comes down to about 6500 nappies.  

You tend to use more nappies per day in the beginning but that does reduce a little later on. Where you’re using about 8 nappies a day for a newborn, this will be around 5 nappies a day as the months pass. This may not seem like much, but it is a reduction of almost 40%.  

Nappies generally cost a lot of money, and unfortunately, the cost of nappies does not reduce. This is because the nappies themselves increase in size and so does the absorbency, meaning that more raw materials are used in a nappy. So, you will be spending the same amount of money on nappies until your baby is toilet trained.  

When your baby goes to daycare, nappies may be included in the price, meaning you will need fewer nappies at home. Depending on the number of days your baby goes to daycare, you will notice that you’re not having to buy nappies as often. So, the answer to the question “How much do nappies cost?” can differ a lot per baby/household.  

Cloth nappies or disposable nappies

You can choose to use cloth nappies or disposable nappies. Cloth nappies generally cost a lot less, but many parents opt for disposable nappies due the convenience and hygiene. These nappies always cost a lot more.  

How much do nappies cost?

Nappy deals

The structural cost of disposable nappies is a significant increase in monthly spending. This usually results in a periodic search for good nappy deals.  

Many brands sell different packs containing different quantities of the same nappies. The cheapest nappies cost around € 0,13. But there are nappies that cost € 0,40 or more. No less than 3 times as much! The rule of thumb is; the more nappies in a pack, the cheaper the price per nappy. At GhaZoo nappy prices in combination with the nappy service start from € 0.17 per nappy.  

Bulk buying when a good deal is on is a great way to keep the cost of nappies down. Unfortunately, it means that when you buy in bulk, you need a lot of storage space. And buying in bulk also means there is a risk of not being able to use some of your nappies after your baby has had a growth spurt and needs a larger nappy size.  

And then there’s timing. The times that your preferred brand has on offer on the size nappies you need are rare. The impetus to buy new nappies doesn’t usually come until you’re running out. Or a week after you’ve bought your nappies at regular price, there is a great deal on.

This means that searching for nappy deals is not much fun and takes up a lot of your time and effort.  

Conclusion “How much do nappies cost/”

As you have been able to read above, nappies generally cost a lot of money. We see many offers every day, making nappies look cheaper but this is not the case with these different size packs and most deals are aimed at the smaller nappy sizes. In answer to the question “How much do nappies cost?”, we can say that the average price varies between 20-30 cents per nappy, depending on the size.

Take out a nappy subscription

GhaZoo believe that no one wants to spend a lot of time buying nappies. Our aim is to make buying nappies as convenient and economical as possible. That is why we reward our loyal customers with structurally lower prices, so you will never have to scout for nappy deals again. Our nappy bundle with a subscription is 5 euro cheaper than a single purchase nappy bundle. This way, nappies won’t cost as much as they usually do.  

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