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Many young parents are looking for nappy deals. This is hardly surprising because buying nappies for your newborn baby is very expensive. We also found this a nuisance, long queues, missing out on deals due to the right size being out of stock, and always looking for the best offer on nappies. With the GhaZoo nappy subscription, your nappies are always delivered to your door automatically at a great price!  

How many nappies does a baby use in a day?

We can only really speak of averages in this case, because we all know the average baby does not exist. If we assume a baby will be wearing nappies until about the age of 3 and needs a nappy change about 6 times a day, this comes down to more than 6,500 nappies.  

What doe nappies cost?

The smallest size 1 nappies are the cheapest, but you only use them for a short time. As the sizes go up, the nappies will be relatively more expensive. A larger nappy contains more material with a greater absorbency to retain more moisture. The costs also depend on the size of the box they are offered in. The more nappies in a box, the cheaper the price per nappy. Research has shown that an average nappy costs about 30 cents per nappy. Assuming a consumption of 6,500 nappies in 3 years as calculated above, this means an outgoing of around € 700 a year, and by the time your baby is toilet trained you will most certainly have spent € 2,000. Our nappies are available from 16 cents per nappy! Would you like to try our nappies first? Order our sample pack and receive a free pack of wet wipes.  
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Nappy deals

There are many nappy deals. You can find these nappy deals in door-to-door leaflets and on tv. The wonderful thing about nappy deals is that you can benefit from great discounts. The downside is that you really have to keep an eye on what’s on offer. These deals are usually very temporary. Often, high discounts are offered, but these only apply to one or two sizes and usually the smallest sizes. The chances are they will not be the right size for your baby. You also have to watch out for these offers. The major brands may look like they’re cheap, but if you take another look, you will find that they also sell different pack sizes with a different number of nappies. This makes them look cheaper than they actually are! With GhaZoo’s nappy service you know exactly where you stand, a fixed low price with a premium quality nappy!  

Enjoyable or not enjoyable?

Some people enjoy the challenge of finding the best deals for the lowest price. Many others don’t fancy this at all or just don’t have the time. Most young families have two working parents and don’t have the time to pop into the shop to score the best nappy deal. How frustrating is it to find the shelves in the shop empty and you don’t have time to go to the shop the day after.

Order your nappies online

Consumers are increasingly buying their products online. This also increasingly includes nappies. But even then, you still need to keep an eye on the best nappy deals out there, only to find that the size you need for your baby is no longer available. What now? You’ll run out of nappies soon! You don’t need that kind of stress.  
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Peace of mind

GhaZoo was founded due to our own personal experience and frustration with buying nappies. The steep costs and all the hassle that you’re stuck with for several years. Being fed up always having to scout for the best deals on quality nappies because you’d be paying too much at the standard price. Having to buy nappies when there are no offers on. Lugging big value packs of nappies. Running out of nappies when you thought you still had some in the cupboard. We believe this should be easier. Having the right size nappies delivered to your door automatically at the right time and for a fixed, fair price with our nappy service. Good quality, transparent service and tailored to your personal situation. For parents who are price conscious but don’t have the time to scout for nappy deals and drive around town to get the best discounts. For parents who want peace of mind.  

Are you ready for a GhaZoo nappy subscription?

Create your own GhaZoo nappy plan and receive nappies according to your preferred frequency.

Automatically delivered to your home

With the GhaZoo nappy service, a box of quality nappies will be delivered to your door at the preferred frequency. This box contains plenty of nappies to last you for 4, 5, or 6 weeks, depending on your personal situation. You will be notified when the next nappy bundle is due to be delivered, so you will have time to change the nappy size.  


The great advantage of the GhaZoo nappy service is that you will never have to go scouting for nappy deals again. Premium quality nappies will be delivered to your home for a great price that gradually reduces the longer you subscribe. You will always have plenty of nappies and you will never have to leave the house again. And you will never have to deal with empty store shelves again or wait in line at the till.  
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