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Our premium nappies come in a monthly box containing 5 packs of nappies. You can choose between a single purchase or you can use our nappy service. The GhaZoo nappy service is a 100% flexible nappy subscription that saves you € 5,- per nappy bundle.

43,99 - Subscription: 38,99 available on subscription from 43,99 - Subscription: 38,99 every 2 weeks

Benefits of the nappy subscription service

Start your personal nappy plan

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we will help you to determine a service that fits your personal needs. With your personal nappy subscription plan, your nappies are regularly on stock during the development of your child, you don’t have to worry about nappies again.
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Determine the size by your baby’s details and the fit of the nappy.
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Recommending size changes, based on your baby’s growth.
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Deciding the required frequency of deliveries based on your personal situation.
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Agree which day of the week you wish to receive your order.

GhaZoo Nappy bundles

GhaZoo is convinced that no one wants to spend time buying nappies. We want to make buying nappies as easy and affordable as possible for you with the help of our nappy bundles. We also call the GhaZoo nappy packs a nappy monthbox because the amount of nappies is tailored to the average monthly consumption of a child.

We can guarantee the affordable nappy price because you order online directly from us and there is no supermarket or other retailer that also has to earn from it. You will therefore not be able to buy our nappies in the store, but only online. In addition, we only sell our nappies in discount packs/monthly boxes. After all, buying nappies in larger quantities is a good way to keep the cost per nappy low. When you opt for our automatic nappy service, you even save an extra 5 euros per nappy bundle!

Features of the GhaZoo nappies

GhaZoo nappies are made of the softest materials and use advanced absorption techniques. Our skin-friendly nappies are of excellent (premium) quality and meet the highest standards. The nappies have a very high absorption capacity and can hold up to 13 times their own weight in moisture. They absorb quickly and keep your child’s skin dry and free from irritation. The perfect fit prevents leaks at the waist and legs and ensures that the nappy feels very comfortable for your baby. GhaZoo nappies offer the following features:

  • Breathable top and outer layer
  • Excellent absorbent core
  • Soft cummerbund for seating comfort
  • Soft top and outer layer
  • Elastic sides for easy closure
  • Overlapping Closure

Each size nappy has a unique design in which your baby can absolutely be seen. We have chosen different animal prints for our nappies.


Our different sizes and nappy bundles

The GhaZoo nappy bundless are available in sizes 1 to 6 and from 2 kg to 25 kg. We therefore offer all sizes that your child might need, from birth and until they are toilet trained. Each bundle of nappies or nappy pack contains 5 packs of nappies. The number of nappies per GhaZoo nappy bundle differs per size, but with average consumption they are always sufficient for at least one month. We have the following nappy packages:

  • Nappy bundle size 1 contains no less than 225 nappies. These are 5 packs with 45 nappies each.
  • Nappy bundle size 2 contains no less than 225 nappies. These are 5 packs with 45 nappies each.
  • Nappy bundle size 3 contains no less than 200 nappies. These are 5 packs with 40 nappies each.
  • Nappy bundle size 4 contains no less than 175 nappies. These are 5 packs with 35 nappies each.
  • Nappy bundle size 5 contains no less than 145 nappies. These are 5 packs with 29 nappies each.
  • Nappy bundle size 6 contains no less than 125 nappies. These are 5 packs with 25 nappies each.

Despite the large numbers of nappies that come in a box, the nappy bundles are compact and do not take up much space. Also ideal if you don’t have much storage space.

Spacious sizing of our nappies

Each size nappy bundle has a large overlap with the next size. The range of sizes can be found on our nappy sizes page. As a result, it cannot happen that the nappies suddenly no longer fit halfway through your nappy package because your baby has grown so much in 2 to 3 weeks. So you will not easily be left with unused nappies. It can of course happen that your baby has started to urinate more and needs a greater absorption capacity. This is always the first to notice if your child no longer stays dry after a night. In that case, you should immediately switch to a larger size nappy. You can then easily make up the remaining, smaller size nappies during the day, when the nappies are worn shorter.

Convenience with the GhaZoo nappy Service

As young parents, a lot is asked of you and you often run out of time. In addition to a busy job, you manage a household with one or more small children. You don’t feel like dealing with buying nappies but you absolutely don’t want to be without them. You probably know that feeling when you open the drawer of the changing table to get a new nappy and then it turns out that the last pack is already gone. Do you have to go out quickly to get nappies at the store. How great would it be if you never had to worry about having enough nappies in the house again? That is why we now offer the solution; our nappy service, as the name suggests, is the solution to this annoying problem.

The GhaZoo Nappy Service

Recognizable? The nappy service is a nappy subscription and may also be the ideal solution for you. We call our subscription the nappy service because we completely unburden you with our premium nappies. Start your nappy subscription with a sample pack and you will receive enough nappies to try them out for a week and receive a pack of baby wipes for free. Are you excited? Super! You can now choose to purchase a separate bundle of nappies or opt for the GhaZoo nappy service. With our nappy service you automatically receive new nappies every month and you save € 5 per nappy bundle to reward you as a loyal customer.

You can set the delivery frequency of the nappy service to your liking, so that you will automatically receive your nappy package every 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks. If you give us the date of birth and growth curve of your baby, we can also estimate when your baby is ready for a larger nappy size. You don’t have to think about that anymore.

GhaZoo always sends you an email a week prior to your next delivery with a pre-announcement of delivery. If you still have enough nappies in stock, you can simply postpone the delivery for a week. If you prefer to receive a different nappy size, no problem, GhaZoo will send the nappy bundle in the desired week and filled with the desired nappy size. On the day of shipment, GhaZoo will automatically debit the amount from your bank account.

Even more benefits of the nappy service

Our customers are very enthusiastic about the many benefits of GhaZoo:

  • Excellent quality that meets the highest standards and is dermatologically approved
  • Optimal convenience with a service that is tailored to your personal situation
  • Cheaper you save € 5 per nappy bundle with the GhaZoo nappy service
  • Automatically delivered for free at home so that you are no longer unexpectedly without nappies and without extra costs.

Immediately and easily canceled

GhaZoo is convinced that no one wants to spend time buying nappies. We therefore want to make buying nappies as easy and affordable as possible. We know that people hate long-term commitments. GhaZoo doesn’t want you to feel tied down. That is why you can effortlessly pause or stop your nappy subscription / nappy service at any time with us. With us, therefore, no notice period, hidden costs or other catches.

We can’t imagine, but if you do decide to cancel your nappy subscription, you can do it yourself with a few simple clicks. Of course you can also ask us by email or phone to cancel your nappy service.

We would of course like to hear the reason for cancellation. Your feedback can help us make our products and service even better.

New in our range: Baby wipes

Baby skin is of course the most sensitive, so you also want baby wipes that are suitable for frequent use. That is why our baby wipes consist of 99% water and are free from all kinds of substances such as perfume, alcohol, preservatives, allergens or parabens.

Our baby wipes contain 0% plastic, are pH neutral, extensively dermatologically tested and approved. As a result, our baby wipes also have numerous certificates and meet the highest standards.

ghazoo babydoekjes

With this we go one step further than the well-known baby wipes that use such terms as Sensitive or Natural. Many of these wipes still contain substances that you should avoid, like (strong) allergens, according to the consumer association test from November 2020. These ingredients cause many baby skins to become irritated.

The composition of our wet baby wipes does not irritate baby’s sensitive skin and helps prevent nappy rash and other skin conditions. Furthermore, they moisturize the skin and do not dry out the skin. They are therefore also very suitable for the sensitive skin of newborns.

With our baby wipes you also have the choice of a separate purchase or a subscription, if you opt for our subscription you save € 4 per box.

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2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks

Gewicht kind

11 to 20 kg, 2 to 5 kg, 3 to 6 kg, 4 to 9 kg, 7 to 17 kg, From 15 kg

Ik wil graag nieuwe GhaZoo luiers

Every 2 weeks, Every 3 weeks, Every 4 weeks, Every 5 weeks, Every 6 weeks

1. Kies je gewenste luiermaat

Size 1 (Newborn) 2 – 5 kg, Size 2 (Mini) 3 – 6 kg, Size 3 (Midi) 4 – 9 kg, Size 4 (Maxi) 7 – 17 kg, Size 5 (Junior) 11 – 20 kg, Size 6 (Large) 13 – 20 kg



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125, 145, 175, 200, 225

52 reviews for Nappies

  1. Dutch


    Snelle levering en goede kwaliteit

  2. Dutch


    Levering duurde 2 dagen ipv 1

  3. Dutch


    Goede service

  4. Dutch


    Fijne luiers, enkel mis ik avondlevering

  5. Dutch


    Top kwaliteit voor een goede prijs

  6. Dutch


    Luiers zijn fijn, in combinatie met het abonnement zijn de goedkoper dan pampers bij de kruidvat

  7. Dutch


    Goede producten en goede klantenservice

  8. Dutch


    Goede service

  9. Dutch


    Erg tevreden over Ghazoo

  10. Dutch


    Handig concept, goede kwaliteit en snelle bezorging wat wil ik nog meer?

  11. Dutch


    Leuke en goede luiers

  12. Dutch


    Tevreden over mijn aankoop, lekken niet door en de levering is snel.

  13. Dutch


    Goede kwaliteit luiers en handig concept dat ze automatisch worden bezorgd. Ben erg blij met Ghazoo

  14. Dutch


    Erg fijne luiers maar waarom geen avondleveringen? Wellicht een mooie toevoeging?

  15. Dutch


    Fijne luiers alleen vervelend dat maar 1 niet op voorraad is

  16. Dutch


    Chill abonnement

  17. Dutch


    Goede producten

  18. Dutch


    Ik houd niet van abonnementen maar na 3 losse dozen toch maar overstag. Dit werkt gewoon!

  19. Dutch


    Abonnement afgesloten maar moet regelmatig de luiers ophalen bij een afhaalpunt wat erg vervelend is. De kwaliteit van de luiers is goed alleen de leveringen kunnen beter, wellicht met tijdssloten?

  20. Dutch


    Top luiers, voelen ook erg comfortabel aan

  21. Dutch


    Super fijne luiers en vooral de luierservice is wat mij betreft de ideale oplossing! Altijd luiers in huis en nooit meer last minute naar de supermarkt.

  22. Dutch


    Snelle levering!

  23. Dutch


    De ideale oplossing voor elke vader, TOP geregeld

  24. Dutch


    Jammer dat ik als trouwe klant geen prijsvoordeel kan krijgen.

  25. Dutch

    Melanie Schimmel

    Goede pasvorm, onze zoon van 2 is vrij smalletjes maar hij sluit mooi aan en lekt niet. De enige reden dat wij nog geen maandbox hebben besteld is omdat we er nog 1 hebben staan van een ander merk… als deze op zijn stappen we over.

    Wil in de tussentijd ook maatje 3 of 4 proberen voor zijn kleine broertje.

  26. Dutch


    Top initiatief dit luierabonnement! Jammer dat ik er nu pas achter kom 😉 Komt er op korte termijn nog een maatje 6 bij?

  27. Dutch


    Na wat googlen naar luier aanbiedingen vond ik GhaZoo. Een leuke en aantrekkelijke site en een prima prijs. De kwaliteit luiers is uitstekend waarna ik een abonnement heb afgesloten.

  28. Dutch


    Top, goede absorptie

  29. Dutch


    Ik mis maat 6 in het assortiment, we zijn er bijna uitgegroeid

  30. Dutch


    Goede kwaliteit

  31. Dutch


    Fijne luiers en top service

  32. Dutch


    Na een jaar zoeken naar een goede luier hebben wij deze eindelijk gevonden. (werkelijk alle merken geprobeerd) Erg tevreden met GhaZoo! Goede pasvorm en goede absorptie. Erg fijn om onze druktemaker droog uit zijn bedje te halen.
    Meteen een abonnement afgesloten, die hier in tegenstelling tot een ander merk wel werkt en netjes op tijd aankomt.

  33. Dutch


    Prima luiers

  34. Dutch


    Super fijn dat de luiers automatisch bij je thuis worden bezorgd.

  35. Dutch


    Eindelijk geen gedoe meer met die luiers. Gewoon goed geregeld!

  36. Dutch


    Erg gemakkelijk, alleen jammer dat er geen billendoekjes verkrijgbaar zijn

  37. Dutch


    Erg tevreden over deze luiers maar ik mis nog een maat 6

  38. Dutch


    drie dagen moeten wachten op mijn bestelling, niet meer van deze tijd. Luiers zijn verder prima

  39. Dutch


    Goede luiers met leuke prints en erg handig dat ze maandelijks thuisgestuurd worden

  40. Dutch


    Dit is precies wat ik zocht, een luierservice volledig afgestemd op onze situatie. Ik mis alleen nog de billendoekjes.

  41. Dutch


    Eindelijk niet meer moeten letten op Pampers aanbiedingen om groot in te slaan. En nooit meer snel naar de Appie omdat je plotseling zonder zit. Ideaal!

  42. Dutch


    Dit abonnement is echt een uitkomst, misschien een tip om bijvoorbeeld babydoekjes toe te voegen aan het assortiment?

  43. Dutch


    Mijn beide zoontjes hebben nu GhaZoo, erg fijn en vooral ook gemakkelijk!

  44. Dutch


    Fijne luiers, jammer dat je als trouwe klant alleen korting krijgt als abonnee

  45. Dutch


    Een week moeten wachten op mijn eerste pakket

  46. Dutch


    Gave luiers, mooi verpakt, snel in huis en voor een top prijs. Helemaal blij.

  47. Dutch


    Eindelijk geen gedoe meer met die luiers. Gewoon goed geregeld!

  48. Dutch


    Super fijn systeem, automatisch thuisbezorgd voor een goede prijs!

  49. Dutch


    Erg fijne luiers, sluiten goed aan en zijn erg zacht

  50. Dutch

    Jessica & Pieter

    Dit is Briljant!

  51. Dutch

    Linda & Ron

    Hebben 2,5 jaar gebruik gemaakt van de luierservice van GhaZoo. Heel makkelijk in te stellen. Waar wij ontzettend over te spreken zijn is de kwaliteit van de luiers. Onze dochter plast enorm veel en nog nooit heeft een GhaZoo luier doorgelekt. Ik kan oprecht zeggen dat hij beter is dan een Pamper luier!
    Helaas nog geen luierbroekjes in het assortiment van GhaZoo, anders waren wij nog even doorgegaan met deze service.

  52. Dutch


    Snelle service, fijne en goede kwaliteit luiers!

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