GhaZoo nappy bundles

With GhaZoo you are assured of the right price/quality ratio. Our nappy bundles contain plenty of nappies for an entire month. We also call our bundles the monthly nappy box. Are you satisfied with our nappies? Have a look at our nappy subscription, the longer you subscribe, the more you save per monthly nappy box. The savings of our nappy subscription can add up to 16 cents per nappy!

How does a GhaZoo nappy subscription work?


Always the right amount of nappies

Our nappy bundles contain the right amount of nappies per size for an entire month, hence the name monthly nappy box. Exactly the peace of mind you need!

Simple and fast home delivery

Don’t feel like going out to load the car with nappy packs? You no longer need to! Order online and have the nappies delivered to your home.

Bestel luiers wanneer het uitkomt

Order nappies as and when you need them

You are free to order nappy bundles as and when you need them. Order on workdays before 6 pm and you will receive your nappies the next day.

GhaZoo Nappy Bundles

GhaZoo believe that no one wants to spend a lot of time buying nappies. Our aim is to make buying nappies as easy and economical as possible through our nappy bundles. GhaZoo nappy bundles are also called monthly nappy boxes because the amount of nappies is tailored to the average amount of nappies your baby uses in a day.
We can offer a competitive nappy price because you order directly from us online, cutting out the supermarket or retailer needing to make a profit. You won’t find our nappies in shops but exclusively online. We also sell our nappies exclusively in value packs/monthly boxes. Buying nappies in bulk is a great way to keep the costs per nappy down.

Nappy Bundle sizes

GhaZoo nappy bundles come in size 1 to 6 and from 2 kg up to 25 kg. This means we offer all sizes your baby may need, from birth to being toilet trained.
Each box with nappies or nappy bundle contains 5 packs of nappies. The number of nappies per GhaZoo nappy bundles differs per size but is sufficient for an entire month with average use. The size one and size 2 monthly nappy boxes contain 225 nappies and size 3 contains a total of 200 nappies. The size 4 nappy contains 175 nappies, size 5 contains 145 nappies and a size 6 nappy bundle contains 125 nappies.
Despite a large number of nappies in a box, the nappy bundles are compact and take up little storage space. So, no problem if you don’t have a lot of storage space.
Wat zijn de beste luiers die je kunt kopen?
Each nappy bundle has a good overlap with the next nappy size up. Size 2 nappies are suitable up to a weight of 6 kg and romper size 74, while size 3 nappies start from romper size 56. The same applies to size 4, starting from 7 kg and romper size 68, while size 3 nappies are not too small until 9 kg and romper size 74.
Size 4 nappies are suitable for up to 17 kg and romper size 104, while size 5 nappies start from 11 kg and romper size 74. Size 5 nappies are suitable for up to 20 kg and/or romper size 122, while size 6 nappies start from 14 kg and/or romper size 92.
This means you will never be stuck with nappies that don’t fit halfway through a bundle, because your baby has grown a lot in 2 to 3 weeks. Your baby may have started urinating more frequently, meaning you need nappies with a higher absorbancy. You will know this when your child is no longer dry through the night. In that case, you do need to go up a nappy size straight away. The remaining, smaller size nappies will be perfect to use during the day when nappies are changed more frequently.
Ghazoo luiers

GhaZoo nappies

We know that baby skin is sensitive, and that’s why our nappies are designed to meet the highest standards. The perfect fit ensures that the nappy feels very comfortable for your baby and prevents leakage around the legs and waist. And we like something to look at, of course. That is why each nappy has a unique design that will look great on your baby.
GhaZoo has 30 years of experience in the market and we know what requirements a quality nappy must meet. GhaZoo baby nappies are of excellent quality. We use advanced absorption technology and the softest materials, making sure your baby feels comfortable and giving you peace of mind.
Automatisch luierpakketten ontvangen

Want to receive nappy bundles automatically? Take out a nappy subscription

With a GhaZoo nappy subscription, your nappy bundle will be delivered to your home at your preferred frequency. You can tailor your frequency to your personal situation and you can change this at any time in your online account. You will be notified when your next order will be delivered, so you will always have plenty of time to change the size if necessary. The great thing about our nappy subscription is that you can cancel any time. So no obligations.

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