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Nappy sample pack

Are you considering taking out a nappy subscription but would you like to try our nappies first? You can with our nappy sample pack! Our sample pack provides you with plenty of nappies for an entire week. Are you satisfied with our nappies? Why not take out a nappy subscription with us or order a monthly pack. It’s easy!

How does it work?


With the help of our sample pack, you will receive a smaller number of nappies, enough for an entire week. Are you satisfied? Take out a nappy subscription or order a monthly nappy pack.



The GhaZoo sample pack is offered to you for free once, you only pay for the shipping. After trying out the nappies, you can decide whether you would like to continue with our nappy subscription. If you decide not to, you won’t have to do anything else. Easy!


Bestel luiers wanneer het uitkomt

The sample pack of GhaZoo does not commit you to anything. The trial package is not linked to a nappy subscription. Cancelling it is therefore not necessary. After all, you are not tied to anything. Not even with your nappy subscription. You can always cancel immediately and easily.


There is an increasing number of new nappy brands on the market. Many new parents appreciate being able to request a sample pack. Most new parents look for the perfect nappy for their baby/toddler. GhaZoo offers the opportunity to try our nappies through a sample pack. Sign up and enjoy the comfort of our nappy service. You can order our nappy subscription just as easily via our website. After your order is placed, you will automatically receive your monthly supply of nappies according to your preferred frequency. If you do not wish to continue using our nappies after the sample pack, you won’t need to do anything. So no obligations!



Ghazoo luiers makkelijk opzegbaar

Try out GhaZoo

To lower the threshold to your search and to take away your doubt, you can request a nappy sample pack. Why not try them out for a week? You and your baby will be able to experience the quality of our nappies through the sample pack.


The best nappies

GhaZoo nappies meet the highest quality standards. They have been extensively tested and all materials are dermatologically approved. The absorbency is adapted to the baby’s age. The nappies are made using the softest material and have a perfect fit. They have a contoured fit around the legs and waist, which means the chance of leakages is negligable.


De Ghazoo luierservice

Request a nappy sample pack

Requesting a nappy sample pack is very easy. Select the right size above, add them to your shopping basket and place your order. You only need to enter your name, address, town/city, and email address, and your baby’s date of birth. If you’re still pregnant, you could enter the due date of your baby. How exciting! Of course, we will send you size 1 in that case. You can entrust us with your information as we follow strict GDPR regulations.


Why a sample pack?

With the nappy sample pack, we offer every customer with an interest in our nappy service a one-off opportunity to try out our quality nappies extensively and economically. That is why you won’t just receive 3 or 5 nappies, but a large enough pack to last you an entire week including a pack of wet wipes! This sample pack is completely free, you only pay € 6.99 for shipping. Are you not entirely satisfied? No problem, the sample pack is free from obligation, so no cancellation necessary!

The right nappy size

You can choose from different nappy sizes. The table below shows which size would be best for your baby.

Ghazoo maattabel NL desktop
Ghazoo maattabel NL mobile

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper your nappy subscription

We like to reward our loyal customers with a better price. That is why we have come up with the following:

Deliveries Subscription costs
1 to 6 € 41,99
7 to 12 € 39,99
13 to 18 € 37,99
19 or more deliveries € 35,99

As you can see, the nappy subscriptions starts at € 41,99 which is already a € 2,- saving compared to the single price of a nappy pack. When you subscribe, your price will reduce to € 35,99 after 18 deliveries, which means the cost per nappy (depending on the size) can go down as far as 16 cents per nappy!

The sample pack is free of obligation

We offer our customers the opportunity to try out our quality nappies first. Should you not be entirely convinced after trying out the sample pack, you will not be obliged to continue your nappy service. In fact, your sample pack is not even connected to a nappy subscription. So no hassle.


Are you satisfied with our nappies? Great!

Are you satisfied with the nappies in our sample pack? Great! Sign up and enjoy the comfort of our nappy service. You can order our nappy subscription just as easily via our website. Should you not be entirely satisfied for any reason, or should you have tips for us to improve our nappy subscription, please let us know.