Nappy sizes: which size nappies do I need?

Nappy sizes are usually indicated by age in months/ years or weight in kilograms. Nappy sizes can differ like clothing sizes. You might not have considered this, but the wro size nappy may not be absorbent enough for your baby. This may result in leaking.


Nappy sizes

View the nappy sizes in the size chart. You will be able to see the size in relation to your baby’s age and weight. We have based the sizes on past averages that have slightly increased due to our babies being slightly larger and heavier over the years (on average). If you’d like to find the right nappy size, use the size chart below. GhaZoo nappies are available in:

Nappy sizes according to age

The older the baby, the larger the nappy size. As a parent, you watch your baby grow little by little each week or month. It is logical that you will need increasingly larger nappies. Nappies are made of elastic material, so they can grow with your baby and cover at least a couple of sizes. This means that the nappies are always properly fitted around the legs and waist. The older your baby, the more absorbency will be required from your nappies. A nappy is always designed for the average age of a baby and with increased absorbency as your baby grows.


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Nappy sizes according to weight

As your baby grows, their weight also increases. You will notice an older baby will start drinking and eating more. This also increases their bowel movements. A larger nappy with a larger capacity may be a necessity. On the GhaZoo packaging, you can read up to what weight the nappies are suitable for. If in doubt, we recommend selecting the regular size and perhaps also the size up.

Should these be too big, you can always keep them for later. We understand how difficult it is to estimate the right size if your baby differs from the standard size chart. A nappy size tends to work well for average sizes, if your baby is a little bigger/ smaller from birth, we recommend selecting 2 sizes.



How does it work?


Our nappy sample pack will provide you with plenty of nappies for an entire week. Are you satisfied with the nappies? Then choose our nappy service and receive nappies automatically at home every 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks (depending on your choice).



You can order the sample pack just as easily as our diaper pack and our diaper subscription. If you order the package on a working day, it will be delivered to your home the next working day.


The sample pack of GhaZoo does not commit you to anything. The trial package is not linked to a nappy subscription. Cancelling it is therefore not necessary. After all, you are not tied to anything. Not even with your nappy subscription. You can always cancel immediately and easily.


GhaZoo nappy size chart

The nappies developed by GhaZoo have been produced without complicating things. We know that your baby’s skin is sensitive, that is why our nappies were developed to meet the highest standards. The perfect fit ensures that the nappy feels comfortable for your baby and prevents leaking around the legs and waist. In addition, every size nappy has a unique design that will look great on your baby. Our nappies are easy to order online and available in several nappy bundles or as a nappy subscription. Our loyal customers also receive an extra discount on their nappy subscription.

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