GhaZoo Nappies size 4

GhaZoo size 4 nappies are suitable for babies between 8 and 24 months with a weight from 7 kg to 17 kg. These babies have a romper size between 68 and 104.

Size 4 nappies Maxi are used when your baby is nearly a year old or when your baby weighs around 10 kg. The larger the size, the longer you will be able to use that size. Size 4 nappies can be used for about 6 to 12 months. Naturally, these are averages and can differ significantly per baby. If your baby was quite big at birth and grows faster than average, you will logically go on to size 5 nappies sooner than average.

We know baby skin is sensitive, that is why our nappies are designed to meet the highest standards. Size 6 nappies Large have a very high absorbency and can retain up to 13x their own weight in moisture. They absorb quickly and keep your baby’s skin dry and free from irritation for up to 12 hours. The perfect fit prevents leakage at the legs and waist and ensures the nappy feels comfortable for your baby.


GhaZoo nappies have the following features:

  • Breathable top and outer layer
  • Super-absorbent core
  • Soft waistband for seating comfort
  • Soft top and outer layer
  • Elastic sides for easy closure
  • Overlapping closure

Each nappy has a unique design that will look great on your baby. The GhaZoo size 4 nappy (Maxi) features a cute kitten.


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Nappy Sample Pack size 4

We know that choosing the right nappy is not an easy process. You may need to sleep on it. That is why we won’t just send you 3 to 5 nappies. Our nappy sample pack size 4 Maxi contains 35 nappies, providing you with plenty of nappies to try out for a week.

We offer this sample pack of diapers size 4 once to every customer who is interested in our diaper subscription, so that they can easily and extensively get to know our quality diapers. If you are enthusiastic, you can take out your nappy subscription here. And of course you can stop or change the subscription at any time.



Nappy bundle size 4

Apart from the one-off nappy sample pack size 4, we supply our nappies exclusively in bulk. Our aim is to make buying nappies as easy and economical as possible. Buying nappies in bulk is a great way to keep the costs of nappies down.

The nappy bundle size 4 contains 175 nappies and is divided between 5 packs of 35 nappies each. In every phase, the average number of nappies used per day is about 6, and a nappy bundle size 6 will last you at least 4 weeks to a month.

Each size nappy bundle has a generous overlap with the next size up. Nappy size 4 is suitable for up to 17 kg and romper size 104, while size 5 nappy starts from 11 kg and romper size 74. You won’t find that the nappies no longer fit your baby halfway through a nappy bundle size 4 if your baby has had a growth spurt. So you won’t be stuck with unused nappies.



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Nappy subscription size 4

With a nappy subscription size 4, you will receive your nappy bundle automatically at the frequency selected by you. You can tailor your frequency to your personal situation and you can change it at any time in your online account. You will be notified when your next nappy bundle will be delivered, so you always have plenty of time to change the size. The great thing about our nappy subscription is that you are free to cancel at any time. No obligations!


Ghazoo luiers maat 4

Offer on nappies size 4

Some people enjoy the challenge of finding the best offer on size 4 nappies. Many others don’t fancy this at all or just don’t have the time. Your time is probably better spent at home with your little one.

GhaZoo was founded because we were fed up having to scout for the best offer on size 4 nappies or any size for that matter. The greatest advantage of GhaZoo is that you no longer need to search for offers because you don’t want to be paying too much. We will deliver quality nappies to your door for a great price.

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