Always have plenty of nappies with the GhaZoo nappy subscription

With the GhaZoo nappy subscription you never have to worry again about buying nappies. You will always have plenty of nappies with our nappy service and you will never have to scout for the best offers. In addition, GhaZoo rewards its loyal customers with a graduate discount the longer you subscribe! Would you like to know more about the advantages of GhaZoo?

How does our nappy service work?


Try our GhaZoo nappies first with our nappy sample pack

Would you like to try our nappies first? Our sample pack will provide you with enough nappies and wet wipes that will last you a week. Are you satisfied with our nappies? Then you will automatically receive the diapers at home with our diaper service. Isn’t that great?

Select your nappy subscription and have them delivered to your home

Our nappy service allows you to select your preferred nappy size and frequency. With our nappy subscription, you will never be without nappies again and you will never have to scout again for the best offers!
Ghazoo groeit met je mee

GhaZoo grows with your baby until they are toilet trained

Your baby grows, and we have thought about that. You can adjust the size and the frequency at any time by logging in to your account. If you leave your settings unchanged, you will receive your trusted order like last time.
If you are looking for peace of mind, you’re in the right place at GhaZoo. Our aim is to make buying nappies as easy and economical as possible with our nappy service. The great thing about our nappy subscription is that you can cancel at any time. In addition, we reward our loyal customers by giving high discounts on your subscription after 6, 12, and 18 deliveries.

Buying nappies

GhaZoo was founded based on our personal experiences with the frustrations that go with buying nappies. The high costs and all the hassle that you’re faced with for years. Being fed up having to look for the best offers because you know you are paying too much for quality nappies at the regular price. Having to buy nappies when there are none on offer. The hassle of lugging bulky value packs.

Convenience with GhaZoo Nappy Service

As a young parent, you are very busy and usually don’t have enough hours in a day. Next to your busy job, you manage your household with one or more children. You really don’t fancy spending a lot of time buying nappies but you don’t want to run out either. You know the feeling, you go to grab a nappy from the drawer, only to discover you used the last pack. That means you have to nip out to the shop to get nappies. How convenient would it be if you’d never had to worry about running out of nappies again? Our nappy service, as the name suggests, is the best solution to this problem.
Ghazoo luiers

The GhaZoo Nappy Subscription

Relatable? A nappy subscription will be the perfect solution for you, we also call our subscription the nappy service because we give you peace of mind. Start your nappy subscription with a sample pack and receive plenty of nappies to try them for a week. Are you satisfied? Great! You will automatically receive a nappy bundle to last you a month. The preferred frequency of deliveries can be set to every 3,4,5, or 6 weeks.
When you provide us with the growth curve of your baby, we can estimate when your baby needs to go up a nappy size. We will take care of that for you.
GhaZoo will always notify you by email before sending the next delivery. If you still have plenty of nappies, you can push back your delivery for another week. If you would like to receive a different size nappy, no problem. GhaZoo will send the box with the preferred size in the preferred week. On the day of shipment GhaZoo will collect the subscription fee automatically from your bank account.

More advantages of the nappy subscription

Our customers are very enthusiastic about the many advantages of GhaZoo:

  • Superb quality that meets the highest standards and is dermatologically approved
  • Maximum convenience with a service tailored to your personal situation
  • Graduate discount as a reward for our loyal customers. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper your subscription will be.
  • Automatic home delivery so you will never be without nappies and without added costs.

De Ghazoo luierservice 2

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper your nappy subscription

We like to reward our loyal customers with a better price. That is why we have come up with the following:

Deliveries Subscription costs (per box)
1 to 6 € 41,99
7 to 12 € 39,99
13 to 18 € 37,99
19 or more deliveries € 35,99

As you can see, a nappy subscription starts at € 41,99 giving you an immediate saving of € 2,- per delivery compared with a single price. When you subscribe for a long time, your price will reduce to € 35,99 after 18 deliveries, which can reduce the price per nappy (depending on the size) down to 16 cents per nappy!

Easy to cancel at any time

GhaZoo believe that no one wants to spend a lot of time buying nappies. Our aim is to make buying nappies as easy and economical as possible. We understand that people don’t like to commit to anything long term. GhaZoo does not want you to feel tied. That is why you can pause or cancel our nappy subscription / nappy service at any time. So no notice period, hidden costs or other hidden conditions.
We can’t imagine it really, but should you want to cancel your nappy subscription, you can easily do this yourself with a few clicks. Naturally, you can always ask us to stop your nappy service by phone or email.
We would really like to know your reason for cancelling. Your feedback can help us improve our service.

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