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Nappy Subscription Size 5 Junior

11 to 20 kg - 145 stuks

Mijn kindje heeft maat: Size 5 (Junior) 11 - 20 kg, 145 pieces

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Nappy Subscription Size 5 Junior

GhaZoo size 5 nappies are suitable for babies between 18 and 36 months with a weight from 11 kg to 20 kg. These babies have a romper size between 74 and 122. The nappy subscription Size 5 Junior contains 145 nappies divided between 5 packs of 29 nappies each.

In your nappy subscription, you can indicate at what frequency you wish to receive your new nappy bundle. Your baby uses about 5 nappies a day at this stage, so based on this average you will need a new bundle every 4 weeks. How many nappies your baby uses per day differs per baby, so we offer delivery frequencies of 2 to 6 weeks.

Which delivery frequency suits my situation?

When you start with a nappy subscription size 5 Junior, your baby will already have grown quite a bit, and you will have a pretty good idea of how many nappies you use on average and how long a pack of nappies lasts. This makes selecting a delivery frequency a lot easier.

The delivery frequency that is chosen the most with nappy subscription Size 5 Junior is 4 weeks for an average use of 5 nappies per day at this stage. Nappy size 5 Junior is the size your baby will wear for the longest. This makes sense, as your baby will grow about 10 kg during this stage. You may end up using this size for a year and a half. That is why during this stage, you may have to change the delivery frequency a few times.

This may be due to your child going to daycare more often, reducing your delivery frequency to every 5 weeks. This will provide you with about 4 nappies per day. At a frequency of 6 weeks, this will be even less, which is ideal if your child is in daycare several days a week. Your child usually starts potty training at this stage, which means you will be able to reduce your delivery frequency even more.

A frequency of 2 weeks with nappy subscription Size 5 Junior with 145 nappies comes down to about 10 nappies a day which is ideal if you have twins or if you are a childminder for more than one child who are at this stage. A frequency of 2 weeks can also work well when you have 2 children who, despite their age difference, are both in size 5 nappies. This is because you can use size 5 nappies for a very long time.

In other cases, we recommend selecting a separate nappy subscription for each child. This provides you with maximum flexibility to tailor the nappy subscription to the requirements of your baby. There can be a significant difference between siblings.

Changing the size and/or delivery frequency

The GhaZoo nappy subscription Size 5 Junior offers maximum convenience with a service that can be tailored to your personal situation. You can change the nappy size and the delivery frequency at any time in your account.

GhaZoo will send you a notification the week before your new bundle is due to be delivered. If you still have plenty of nappies at home, simply push back your delivery another week. And if you’d rather have a different size nappy, no problem.

Let us know and we will send you a box with the right size nappies on your preferred day.

Free to cancel at any time

GhaZoo believe that no one wants to spend a lot of time buying nappies. Our aim is to make buying nappies as convenient and economical as possible. We know most people don’t fancy long-term commitments. GhaZoo doesn’t want you to feel obligated. That is why you are free to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. So no notice period, no hidden costs, and no other surprises.

GhaZoo Nappies Size 5 Junior

GhaZoo disposable nappies are made using the softest materials and advanced absorption technology. The nappies in the nappy subscription Size 5 Junior are of excellent quality and comply with the highest standards.

GhaZoo nappies Size 5 Junior have a very high absorbency and can retain 13x their own weight in moisture. They will keep your baby’s skin dry and free of irritation for up to 12 hours. The perfect fit prevents leakage at the waist and legs and ensures that the nappy feels comfortable for your baby.


GhaZoo nappies have the following features:

  • Breathable top and outer layer
  • Super-absorbent core
  • Soft waistband for seating comfort
  • Soft top and outer layer
  • Elastic sides for easy closure
  • Overlapping closure


Quality of the Nappy Bundle Size 5 Junior

Quality is continually tested and focussed on inspection and registration of raw materials, detection of harmful substances, and dermatological & microbiological screening. The pulp used in the nappies comes from FSC sustainably managed forests, and all materials are dermatologically approved and 100% free from parabens, perfumes, chlorine, bleach, etc.

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper your subscription

We like to reward our customers with a better price. That is why we offer the following graduate discount:

Deliveries Subscription Costs
1 to 6 € 41,99
7 to 12 € 39,99
13 to 18 € 37,99
19 or more deliveries € 35,99

As you can see, the nappy subscription starts at € 41,99 giving you an immediate saving of € 2 per delivery compared to a single purchase of a nappy bundle. If you subscribe for longer, your price will drop down to € 35,99 after 18 deliveries, which can bring the cost down to 16 cents per nappy (depending on the size)!

Weight 5267 g
Dimensions 575 × 235 × 210 mm

2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks

Gewicht kind

11 to 20 kg






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