Top 100 Boys’ Names

Are you looking for boys’ names, and could you do with some inspiration? We have listed the top 100 most popular boys’ names just for you.

The top 10 of boys’ names has remained practically unchanged in recent years. Sometimes a name goes up a place on the list and the year after it drops down the list again. Notably, looking at the total top 100 boys’ names, short names persist in popularity.

Jack, James, and Jayden have gone up on the list of top 100 boys’ names.

Many popular boys’ names are Biblical names. The names Lucas, Joshua, Isaac, Elijah, Adam, and Benjamin are all in the top 100 boys’ names and in the Bible.

Top 100 most popular boys’ names

1. Oliver21. James41. Toby61. Zachary81. Harley
2. Noah22. Teddy42. Hunter62. Finn82. Chester
3. George23. Max43. Luca63. Louis83. Ellis
4. Arthur24. William44. Dylan64. Jenson84. Jayden
5. Freddie25. Joshua45. Daniel65. Alex85. Austin
6. Leo26. Harrison46. Edward66. Bobby86. Jake
7. Theo27. Mason47. Frankie67. Albert87. Elliott
8. Oscar28. Arlo48. Louie68. David88. Eli
9. Charlie29. Logan49. Jude69. Stanley89. Milo
10. Harry30. Theodore50. Hugo70. Hudson90. Ryan
11. Archie31. Elijah51. Sebastian71. Liam91. Rowan
12. Alfie32. Roman52. Ronnie72. Jackson92. Kai
13. Jack33. Ethan53. Benjamin73. Blake93. Luke
14. Ruben34. Albie54. Grayson74. Harvey94. Felix
15. Tommy35. Rory55. Ezra75. Caleb95. Myles
16. Thomas36. Reggie56. Riley76. Jesse96. Lewis
17. Jacob37. Alexander57. Carter77. Leon97. Sonny
18. Finley38. Adam58. Joseph78. Elliot98. Vinnie
19. Lucas39. Jaxon59. Samual79. Oakley99. Nathan
20. Isaac40. Reuben60. Ollie80. Gabriel100. Matthew

Many parents are still having difficulty finding a suitable boy’s name. Hopefully, we have inspired you with this extensive list of top 100 boys’ names.

Boy named after family member or loved one

Back in the day, there was no top 100 boys’ names. A son would be named after their father or one of their grandfathers. Naming your son after a family member was like passing on a piece of your family history.

Nowadays, naming your baby after a family member is not as common. However, this tradition hasn’t vanished completely. More often the name of a family member is used as a middle name. This is not limited to just one name. Also, the name of a dear friend is sometimes used as a middle name.

Babynamen jongens 2021

Tips for choosing ‘your’ boy’s name

Most mothers love thinking of beautiful boys’ names for their sons. Making a definite choice can be slightly trickier. If you’re having trouble choosing a boy’s name or if you and your partner can’t agree, we’d love to help you by giving you a few tips:

  • Remember that a boy’s name is not just for you baby or little man, it must also be suitable for a teenager and a grown man.
  • Consider whether it’s important to you that the name can be easily pronounced internationally (like in French or Spanish).
  • Choose a name that is not too tricky to spell or pronounce. It’s rather tedious if your son constantly has to spell his name.
  • Make sure that the initials do not result in strange acronyms.
  • And make sure that the first name and surname go together. You don’t want your son’s name to be a reason to be bullied. Kids can be harsh like that.
  • Frequently say the name out loud during pregnancy. It should feel right and most of all sound right to you.

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