Top 100 girls’ names

Are you looking for girls’ names, and could you do with some inspiration? We have listed the top 100 most popular girls’ names for you.

Generally, the most popular girls’ names have remained unchanged in recent years. Some names may move up or down a few spaces on the list, but the top 10 of the top 100 girls’ names stay practically the same. The names Ava and Arabella have crept up on the list, whereas Amelia and Olivia are still the two most popular girls’ names.

What is noticeable with regard to girls’ names, is that, contrary to boys’ names, they often either start with a vowel or end with a vowel. Especially girls’ names ending in ‘a’ are more common, like Ella, Anna, Nova and Olivia.

Short girls’ names also appear to be popular. The most common girls’ names are two-syllable names. Sometimes these are short for popular names, like Lexi instead of Alexia, Lilly instead of Elisabeth.

Even though not yet represented in the top 100 girls’ names, double-barrel girls’ names are rising in popularity. For example, the combination with the name ‘Mae’, like Ivy-Mae or Lua-Mae. And combinations with the name ‘Rose’, like Jada-Rose or Layla-Rose.

The top 100 most popular girls’ names.

1. Olivia21. Sophie41. Eva61. Lola81. Holly
2. Amelia22. Harper42. Arabella62. Emma82. Mabel
3. Isla23. Evelyn43. Ada63. Aurora83. Heidi
4. Eva24. Daisy44. Bonnie64. Harriet84. Ayla
5. Mia25. Millie45. Ellie65. Hannah85. Lyla
6. Grace26. Millie46. Hallie66. Mila86. Summer
7. Freya27. Alice47. Violet67. Zara87. Lyra
8. Lily28. Phoebe48. Bella68. Elizabeth88. Felicity
9. Sophia29. Sofia49. Esme69. Rose89. Mollie
10. Ivy30. Ruby50. Eliza70. Darcie90. Cara
11. Emily31. Maisie51. Molly71. Delilah91. Lexi
12. Willow32. Luna52. Penelope72. Eleanor92. Hope
13. Evie33. Isabelle53. Erin73. Robyn93. Esmae
14. Poppy34. Emilia54. Lotte74. Jasmine94. Zoe
15. Isabella35. Matilda55. Chloe75. Lilly95. Lara
16. Rosie36. Aria56. Gracie76. Orla96. Abigail
17. Ella37. Maya57. Nancy77. Georgia97. Annabelle
18. Elsie38. Jessica58. Imogen78. Amber98. Anna
19. Florence39. Scarlett59. Lucy79. Myla99. Amelie
20. Sienna40. Layla60. Thea80. Iris100. Darcy

Choosing a girls’ name is tricky for many parents. Hopefully, we have been able to inspire you with this extensive list of top 100 girls’ names. Would you prefer an original name that does not appear in the top 100 most popular girls’ names? Choose a name with at least three syllables.


Girls named after a family member or loved one

Back in the day, there was no top 100 most popular girls’ names. Your daughter would be named after your or your partner’s mother or grandma. Naming your daughter after a family member was like passing on a little piece of family history.

Nowadays, naming children after a family member is less common. However, the tradition has not completely disappeared. A family member’s name tends to be used as a middle girl’s name. And it’s not limited to family members. Sometimes a good friend’s name is used as a middle name.

Tips choosing ‘your’ girl’s name

Mothers love thinking up a beautiful name for their daughters. But making a definitive choice is proving to be slightly trickier. If you’re having trouble choosing a girl’s name or if you and your partner can’t agree, we would love to help you with a few tips:

  • Remember that a girl’s name is not just for a baby or a little girl, but the name must be suitable for a teenager and grown woman.
  • Consider whether it is important to you for the name to be easily pronounced internationally (like in French or Spanish).
  • Try not to go for a name that is difficult to spell or pronounce. It would be tedious for your daughter to have to correct her name all the time.
  • Make sure that the initials do not result in strange acronyms.
  • Make sure that the first name and last name go together. Don’t give your daughter a name that could be the cause for her to be bullied. Kids can be harsh that way.
  • Frequently say the name out loud during pregnancy. It should feel right and most of all sound right to you.

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