Watch out for misleading nappy offers

Unfortunately misleading nappy offers are a fact, and we will tell you everything about those here. A recent study by the Dutch consumer association showed that many (online) stores are still making out that they’re offering huge savings, while in actual fact they’re not savings at all. Researchers compared prices at 250 online stores, including, Coolblue and Koopjedeal.

They are still making out that they’re offering huge savings on the manufacturer’s RRP. It turns out, this recommended retail price is not the actual RRP at all, but the manufacturer’ss guide price.

There are particular rules attached to offering discounts. The discounts offered must apply to the price the product has been retailed for in the last 3 months.

Slashing prices through discounts on RRP hasn’t been happening in online stores for years. Major supermarkets don’t take part either. Previous research conducted by the Dutch consumer association in 2019 showed that when it came to electronics, bicycles, and baby items online stores advertise with much higher recommended retail prices, so a ‘higher’ discount could be offered. Read below about the different ways in which misleading nappy offers are constructed.


Misleading nappy offers ‘up to 50% discount’!

Another trick used in misleading nappy offers is the ‘up to 50% discount’ offer. This suggests that they are in fact offering massive savings but it turns out the offer only applies to size 1 nappies, which you hardly ever need. The discount rate applied to the most used nappy sizes 4,5, and 6 tend to apply no more than 10% or 20%, so significantly lower. As a consumer, you are confronted with these misleading nappy offers.

Misleading nappy offers through packs

Another way in which misleading nappy offers are marketed through is by applying different discounts for different packs. Many manufacturers offer packs with different quantities and prices and with a different price per piece. The same Pampers nappies are available in a regular pack, a Big Pack, Mega Pack, Jumbo Pack, Value Pack, and a Monthly Box.

In principle, the rule of thumb is, the more nappies in a pack, the cheaper the cost per nappy. But this isn’t necessarily the case when discounts are advertised. That creates a situation in which an offer on nappies with a huge discount on a specific pack is not necessarily cheaper than the same nappy in a different pack with a lower discount. So, watch out for these misleading nappy offers, because one thing is for sure: you will definitely pay more when you’re paying the standard price.


Never pay too much

At GhaZoo, we don’t like misleading nappy offers. Our aim is to make buying nappies as transparent, easy, and cheap as possible. GhaZoo believe that no one wants to spend a lot of time searching for nappy offers. You have plenty on your mind already and your precious time should be spent with your little one.

With a GhaZoo nappy service, you will never have to look for nappy offers again. You will be sent quality nappies sent to your home for a great price, which is gradually reduced the longer you subscribe. On top of great prices, our customers receive another added benefit. And the wonderful thing is, you won’t even have to ask or even give it another thought. As soon as you are eligible we will automatically apply the discount to your next order.

That’s easy for us because you can order directly from us online and there is no supermarket or other retailer in between needing to make a profit. You will not find our nappies in shops, but exclusively online. We also sell our nappies exclusively in bulk packaging. Buying nappies in large quantities is a good way to keep the costs of nappies down. No more problems with misleading nappy offers!

GhaZoo nappy service

The GhaZoo nappy subscription offers maximum convenience with a service that is tailored to suit your personal situation. You will receive a bundle of quality nappies at a frequency selected by you without paying delivery costs. This nappy bundle contains plenty of nappies to last you around 4, 5 to 6 week, depending on your daily use. You can change the frequency of your order and the nappy size at any given time through your account. Are you interested? Take a look at the advantages of our nappy subscription.

The great thing about our nappy subscription is that you can cancel at any time. Simply login to your online account to unsubscribe. You will not be bound by anything. GhaZoo doesn’t like that either.

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