Wet wipes & baby wipes

With GhaZoo you are guaranteed of the best price-quality ratio. Our wet wipes are produced in the Netherlands and are made of 99% purified water. The baby wipes contain 0% plastic, are pH neutral, extensively dermatologically tested and approved.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes / baby wipes; As long as your baby is still in nappies, you can’t do without them. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so you want wipes that are suitable for frequent use. That is why our baby wipes consist of 99% water and are free from harsh chemicals such as perfume, alcohol, preservatives, allergens, or parabens. This means you can safely use our wet wipes on your baby and they will not cause irritation to your baby’s skin. They are moisturising and do not dry out the skin.

Composition of the wet wipes

Our wet wipes are produced in the Netherlands and are made of 99% purified water. The baby wipes contain 0% plastic, are pH neutral, extensively dermatologically tested and approved. This means our wet wipes have a number of certifications and meet the highest standards.

We go one step further than the well-known wipes that use the terms Sensitive or Natural. Many of these wipes still contain substances that are better avoided such as (strong) allergens, as the test conducted by the Dutch consumer association in November 2020 shows. These ingredients can cause irritation or rash on your baby’s skin.

The composition of these wet wipes will not irritate your baby’s delicate skin and helps prevent nappy rash and other skin conditions. They are also suitable for newborn babies’ delicate skin.


Our wet wipes are produced as sustainably as possible in order to minimise environmental impact. That is why our wet wipes are made of Lycocell, which is an ecological fibre made of cellulose. This material is mainly made of wood pulp. No bleach is used when producing Lycocell, most of the water is recycled and the material bio-degradable. That makes our wet wipes a lot more sustainable than other wet wipes, that are made of viscose. The wood pulp used in our wet wipes comes from managed tree nurseries and is FSC certified.

Buying wet wipes

We want to make buying nappies as easy and affordable as possible. Buying nappies in larger quantities is a good way to keep nappy costs low and we do that with the help of our nappy bundles. This certainly also applies to buying wet wipes. Apart from the one-off sample pack , we therefore only offer our wet wipes in bulk packs.

Every pack consists of 16 packs containing 60 wipes each, giving you 960 wipes. That’s about enough for 10-12 weeks. There are big differences between the number of wipes parents use for their baby, and so the number of weeks a box will last. Parents with 2 little ones tend to go through wipes twice as fast.

That is also the reason why wet wipes are not part of a standard nappy subscription. You can add them to your order. You will receive a notification to let you know when your next nappy bundle will be dispatched, so you have plenty of time to add wet wipes to your order. Naturally, you are free to purchase a box of wet wipes outside of your regular nappy order.

GhaZoo nappies

GhaZoo has 30 years of experience in the market and we know what requirements a quality nappy must meet. GhaZoo baby nappies are of excellent quality. We use advanced absorption technology and the softest materials, making sure your baby feels comfortable and giving you peace of mind.

GhaZoo nappies are of excellent quality, and we’re not just saying that. Research shows that our nappies meet the highest standards and all materials used are dermatologically approved. Our nappies are also free of parabens, perfumes, chlorine, bleach, etc.

Quality is continually tested with a focus on registration of raw materials, detection of harmful substances, and dermatological & microbiological screenings.

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