What are the best nappies?

What makes a good nappy and which nappies are the best nappies? The answer to this question is a combination between objective criteria and users’ practical experience. Each parent has their own preference and that makes it very personal and rather subjective. There are parents who prefer cloth nappies but most people still choose disposable nappies.  The most important reasons are convenience and hygiene. But what is the difference between disposable nappies?  


Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and that’s why the (raw) materials used in nappies are very important. Good quality nappies contain natural materials that all comply with the highest standards and are dermatologically approved.  

An important raw material is cellulose. This is the absorbent pulp inside the core of the nappy and creates the “bulky” and soft effect. Cotton and cotton wool are practically pure cellulose. In addition, the best nappies are also made with absorbent polymers. This is a super-absorbent powder that can retain up to 13x its own weight in moisture. In absorbed state, polymers look like little balls of gel. In combination with the cotton wool/cellulose this forms the core of the nappy.  

What are the best nappies you can buy?
What are the best nappies? 3


The best nappies are soft, comfortable, and have a high absorbency. Absorbency is very measurable. Laboratory research shows that the absorbency of GhaZoo quality nappies scores 20% better than the norm. Extremely good!  


A good fit ensures that the nappy feels comfortable for your baby. The best nappies must fit snugly around the waist and legs. If the nappy does not fit properly, this increases the risk of leakage. Research shows that the most common cause for a leaking nappy is the wrong size. Leakage usually occurs around the legs or at the back. However, the nappy needs to be sufficiently elastic to give the right amount of comfort.  

It is definitely not recommended to use a nappy size that is too small for too long: you’re more or less forced to tighten the closure around the hips (akin to swaddling) to prevent the closure from coming undone, which increases the risk of hip dysplasia if you do this for a prolonged period of time.


If you choose the best nappies, you don’t always have to pay top price. However, when you buy nappies that are not on offer, you will definitely be paying too much. That is why the nappy market is an unreliable market. Getting discounts on nappies is even less transparent than kitchen and car sales. They throw around temporary offers and high discounts. Research has shown that the average nappy costs about 30 cents per nappy. The cheapest nappies come in at around around €0,13 but there are nappies that cost €0,40 or more. The premium nappies from GhaZoo are available in combination with our nappy service from € 0.17 per nappy.  

The price also depends on the packaging. The rule of thumb is: the more nappies in a pack, the cheaper the price per nappy.

At GhaZoo, you will always get the best nappies at the best price. Subscribers receive added discount making our nappies available from 17 cents each! We can do this because you can order directly from us online and there is no supermarket in between that needs to make a profit. You will not find our nappies in the shops but exclusively online. Naturally, your nappies will be delivered to your door for free. You will be sure you’re not paying too much and you no longer need to scout for nappy deals.  

What are the best nappies


Convenience is not a criterium for everyone when it comes to reviewing what the best nappies are. As we mentioned before, plenty of people prefer cloth nappies, which are not as convenient. Judging by the success of the disposable nappy, the criterium of convenience is important to many young parents.  

An important reason why an increasing number of parents are choosing a GhaZoo nappy service. Our aim is to make buying the best nappies as convenient and economical as possible. The right size nappies will be automatically delivered at the right time and for the best price. Good quality, transparent service and tailored to your personal situation. GhaZoo believe that no one wants to spend a lot of time buying nappies or search for the best nappy deals.  

GhaZoo nappies

GhaZoo has 30 years of experience in the market and we know what requirements the best nappies must meet. We use advanced absorption technology and the softest materials so your baby feels comfortable and you have peace of mind.

GhaZoo nappies are of excellent quality and we’re not just saying that. Research shows that our nappies meet the highest standards and all materials used are dermatologically approved. Also check out the blog on Hetgezinsleven.nl which confirms the quality of our nappies!

Quality is continually tested with a focus on inspection and registration of harmful substances and dermatological & microbiological screening. The pulp used in the nappies comes from FSC sustainably managed forests. The nappies are free from parabens, perfumes, chlorine, bleach, etc.

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